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Coal Basket Bible  New!  January 5, 2006

This story is told of an old man who lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. The grandfather read the Bible every morning, and gives his grandson a lesson about what reading the Bible will do for us.

I received this story in an email from Pastor Gerri in Arizona on January 6, 2006. 


Finally, the Truth on National TV

Long ago, I received one of those emails we get... The unknown author of the email discusses what Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham gave as an extremely profound and insightful response in a nationally televised interview on the Early Show with Jane Clayson.

Anne Graham said, “I believe that God is deeply saddened by this (9/11/01), just as we are, but for years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives.  And being the gentleman that He is, I believe that He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to Give us His blessing and His protection if we demand that He leave us alone?


My Oath to You by Jonathon Butts  Updated, October 27, 2003

We received this poem in our email from a friend, Margaret M. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, several years ago.  We loved this poem, and decided that we should share this with you. It has a powerful, positive message.

We have since found out who the author is, and want the author, Jonathon Butts, to receive the credit that is due.  We believe you'll find this poem glows with the love of true friendship. We hope that it will touch your life and tug at your heart.  

Jonathon says, "When I first wrote this poem back in 1998, I had no idea that it would touch as many lives as it has. This poem has been translated into different languages, been used as wedding vows, inspired sermons, and has been adopted by several organizations. Amazing how something so simple can reach out to so many lives. If you have someone you would like to share it with, simply click on 'Tell a friend' button below [see button on Jonathon's website].  Till next time, safe journey." 


Come Stroll With Me New!  February 2, 2003

Stroll with me... close your eyes... and go back before the internet... before bombings, AIDS, herpes, before semiautomatics and crack... before SEGA or Super Nintendo. Way back! When things were different.  


Where Was I? September 11, 2002

Over the course of the last year, I heard many people ask, "How did God let 9/11 happen?", or, "Where was God, why didn't He stop the terrorists from killing so many people?"

I can't answer those questions, but with the help of Dawn H. from Illinois, I know the answer to one of the questions I've heard, "Where Was God on that fateful day, September 11, 2001?" 

Read this short message, and LISTEN to this message. No, there isn't a sound file embedded in this page with the Lord's voice. But, maybe you will HEAR what God is telling you, in your heart. I am sure that I did!


Cherish Every Moment of Life  May 22, 2001

This BOOSTER teaches us why we should cherish EVERY moment of Life. When I received this story in my email, I felt it was sent to me for a reason, to remind me to cherish every moment of life. You may find this story was meant for you, too.


A Picture of Peace  New!  April 2, 2001

Do you think that Peace is a place where there is no noise, no turmoil, no trouble?  You should read this story about the real meaning of Peace.  


Why You Should Welcome Life's Challenges 

New!  February 28, 2001

johnny2k's Introduction to This Feature Article

When I read the title to this article while browsing through my email inbox, I thought, "Oh yeah, why should I? The things we have to deal with that sometimes seem to be overwhelming? This ought to be good. This I gotta see."

Of course, my curiosity got to me, and I read the article. Though I would love to read everything in my inbox (excepting the spam), I just don't have the time.  So, I have to make a choice, and this time I felt it would be worth spending my valuable time on.

It was.  This article, by Nick Nichols, was not only good, let's say stellar!  When I first started reading about Nick's experience with a horrible computer virus, I thought, "Wow, definitely one of those challenges I don't want to deal with!" And then Nick throws a curve ball.

It was a strike, right over the plate.  Nick Nichols manages to deliver clearly expressed and very valuable information about computer security. And then he ties it all together. I found the answers to one of my life's questions.  I learned how to apply life's wonderful lessons, such as dealing with life's challenges.  The fundamentals that are produced later on in this article could be applied in my life, in my work, and (hopefully) on this website.

Nick manages to put it all into to  perspective, by showing an example of the principal of turning lemons into lemonade into a successful business strategy! 

For anyone who desires success, in any venture, this Oasis E-Zine article is a keeper. We're giving Nick and the Oasis E-Zine exposure by publishing this article on johnny2k's BOOSTERS.  And Nick is giving me permission to share this priceless info with you. We ALL win!

I won't always being writing such an extensive introduction for johnny2k BOOSTERS, but this one is special.  At least so that I can assure you that will be worth YOUR time to read this entire article. Now it's time for me to allow YOU to learn what I learned. Click here to read this powerful article now!


God's Grip  February 20, 2001

There will be times when we wade into dangerous waters. God will always be there to pull us back to safety! Find out more about God's Love for us in this story about a tug-of-war.


The Cross  New! February 9, 2001

This is a short story that will help you "when life's problems seem overwhelming".


Encouraging Words

This story teaches two very important lessons about being careful what you say to someone who is down. The power of your words can lift them or kill them!



The title may be difficult to pronounce, but this story will be easy to understand. It's about finding peace in the stormy times of your life.


What We See

...the world "sees people as they are -- I see them as they can be!"



For those of us who are starting our own home-based business, be sure you click on this story below.  We'll keep this article here, so that you can come back a week, a month, or a year down the road, and read this article again.

When All Else Fails - Don't Quit!

An article by Claudia Chestelson, re-published with Claudia's permission.  At the time we corresponded about this article, Claudia was working with



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