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johnny2k's Boosters

Introduction to Boosters

When a large rocket launches from Earth to release another satellite into space, most of the fuel expended is in the initial stages of the rocket's BOOSTERS. It takes an enormous blast of power to lift the rocket out of the gravitational pull of this planet. And the same goes for us, as we try to launch our business.  To get us to move off of our launching pad, it takes motivational fuel, just like the rocket fuel needed to put the satellite into space.

Our motivational fuel is derived from the development of a positive mental attitude, a very necessary ingredient of strength. Positive attitude is the fuel that provides the energy strong enough to pull us through rocky times when starting a new business. It helps us to overcome the gravitational pull towards quitting when we encounter too many obstacles and barriers.

You should read something positive every night before going to bed, and each morning before starting the day. is dedicated to adding many more inspirational, motivational and encouraging links from the following menu so that you will eventually find fresh positive mind food here every day!

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  The Holy Bible

We're talking about the Christian Bible, any of the mainstream Christian versions. The Bible is written in every language known to man. You can find a version of the Bible anywhere on this globe, sometimes even in nations where the Bible is prohibited.

You may be surprised, but johnny2k will happily testify that the Bible as a positive attitude builder is the best collection of books ever written. You'll find no better manual for finding inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

The incredible miracle of the Bible is that it was written thousands of years ago, and the wonderful truths that fill the Bible - cover to cover, Genesis to Revelations - still hold true, and will continue to be until Eternity.

The Bible. Get into it!

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