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How do you handle adversity? Or should I ask, do you let adversity handle you? Below is a real-life example of how you can actually benefit from the things that go wrong in your life.

Why You Should Welcome Life's Challenges

by Nick Nichols

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If you were wondering why you didn't get The Oasis last week, it's because I—or more specifically my computer—caught the MTX virus. It took me four days to get normal again. In fact, I had to buy a new computer to get back in business.

I caught the virus after I opened a file attachment. Now normally I won't open a file attachment UNLESS it's from someone I know AND I'm expecting an attachment from that person. Such was the case with the offending attachment.

The MTX virus is particularly vicious.

This virus goes to work immediately by interfering with Internet access and email. And if left untreated, it can invade your email client and send itself to everyone in your address book. Quietly. In the background. Without your knowledge. This is what happened to my unsuspecting friend, and how I was sent the virus in the first place.

Fortunately, no one in my address book was sent the virus.

The really annoying part is that MTX is cunningly designed to block installation of any anti-virus software. In fact, MTX won't even let you go to any anti-virus Web sites to get file updates or cleaning information. So I had to get faxed instructions from the anti-virus software company I was using. But that just made things worse.

The harder I tried to get rid of the darn thing, the more messed up my computer became. Windows became more and more corrupted to where it would barely function. Fortunately, I back up my important files daily, but the problem was the operating system itself. I ended up having to buy a completely new system and reinstall everything.

The good news is...

I now have a state-of-the-art system that screams! I now have two 30-gig hard drives, with the slave drive as a mirror image of the primary drive. Never again will I have to worry about my primary drive crashing. I can do a quick cable and jumper change inside my box and I'll be back in business in minutes, instead of days.

And my new computer came with an outstanding anti-virus app:
PC-cillin. Unlike Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Anti-Virus, PC-cillin is smooth, transparent, and doesn't come with a lot of other junkie-apps that I don't need.

Why this is important to you:

First, if you don't have and use an anti-virus app, you should get one and start using it immediately. And be sure whatever you get comes with a virus definition update service. Without getting new virus definitions regularly, your anti-virus app will quickly become useless (and may give you a false sense of security).

Second, DO NOT open file a attachment from ANYONE unless you scan it for viruses FIRST. Same applies to downloaded files.

Third, back up your data files regularly. This includes your email data file. For MS Outlook, the data file is 'outlook.pst.' Other files you might want to back up include your browser bookmarks, application settings files, downloaded fonts, etc.

Also, I recommend that you keep a separate folder and backup disc (Zip or CD-RW) for all downloaded application files (pre-install)—along with passwords, usernames, serial numbers, etc.—just in case you have to install them again in the future.

How this will help you in other parts of your life:

As all this was happening to me last week, I kept saying to myself, "Someone 'up there' is testing me. 'They' want to see how I react in a crisis. 'They' want to see 'what I'm made of' and whether I can keep my cool."

Then I got to thinking about why these kinds of challenges keep happening to me. Was it something I said or did to warrant this kind of "treatment?" Did someone put a hex on me? Am I just unlucky?

Then it came to me.

The net result of my computer virus ordeal is that I have a much better computer setup than I had before, and which I needed anyway. I now have virus protection that I can trust and that doesn't tax my system with needless extras. And I have a reliable backup system.

In other words, the net benefits of getting the virus are that I can work more productively, faster, with less Windows crashes than before, and I have peace of mind knowing that I am protected from viruses and loss of data.

Now let's take this to a higher level.

Why is it that some people seem to have more challenges to overcome in their lives than other people? I believe it's because they are doing more things in their lives than other people are doing.

By that I mean, the more your do, the more chance there is of something happening in a different or more complicated way than you expected. (Some people call these things problems. I call them challenges.)

Without challenges to overcome, how can we develop ways around these and other obstacles? How can we become experienced in dealing with life's difficulties? How can we grow as individuals?

It seems to me that one way to look at life's challenges is to view them as opportunities for self-improvement.

How can this apply to business?

Whether you are an employee or independent entrepreneur, your value to your boss or customers (really one and the same if you think about it) is determined by your ability to solve problems of one sort or another. If you are good at problem solving, you'll get paid more than if you're mediocre or below average.

Therefore, if you welcome challenges as opportunities to improve your problem solving abilities, you will increase your value to the world over time. You will also become better at everything else you do because your intuitive and reasoning powers will become more focused and efficient.

How can you become a good problem solver and make lots of money?

Seize every opportunity to solve any problem that is related to your career advancement. If you are employed, ask your boss for problems to solve, then find workable solutions. If you are an independent entrepreneur, think of the problems that your customers or clients have and find ways to solve them using your products and services.

If you do this systematically, I believe you'll find that something unexpected will start happening to you. You will start getting unexpected rewards. Perhaps your boss will give you a bonus or a raise or even a promotion. Perhaps your customers or clients will see that you really have their best interests in mind and will give you more business, or will refer business to you.

These are the gifts that result from dealing with challenges!

So the next time you encounter an unexpected or difficult challenge in your life, think of it as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Think of it as a way to improve your analytical and intuitive skills. Think of it as a way to enrich your life with new knowledge and experience. If you do this, you'll probably find, as I have, that rich rewards will come your way from places that you never dreamed of.

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