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When All Else Fails - Don't Quit!

2000 by Claudia Chestelson,

There you sit. Staring at a computer screen. Feeling as if nothing is happening with your life. Feeling as if your "business" is simply a waste of time. Feeling like quitting!


That's what most people would do... But you're not most people. In fact, you are extraordinary, and capable of reaching a level of success that you only dream about now. You just need to change your outlook and start believing in yourself TODAY!

I have discovered that there are three constants in life: 

  • Murphy's Law

  • The Great Unknown

  • Success Streams

Let's discuss each one...

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law covers what I think of as "the small stuff."

  • The ladder that's supposed to reach the ceiling, doesn't.

  • The check that was supposed to be in the mail, wasn't.

  • The tire that was supposed to be filled with air ready to roll, isn't.

  • Instead, the ladder is too short, the check doesn't arrive and the tire is just sitting there, waiting to be discovered as you hurriedly dress for THE job interview of your life.

The Great Unknown

The second constant in life concerns the Great Unknown -- circumstances that each of us must face -- good or bad, but which are completely unexpected.

  • SUDDENLY, you are confronted with a terminal illness.

  • SUDDENLY, Great Aunt Harriet dies and leaves you $25,000.

  • SUDDENLY, you receive a do-or-die job offer that forces a move to another state, or another country!

These situations cause stress, excitement, and change.

Success Streams

The last constant in life involves what I call "Success Streams." These are the never-ending activities that we are RESPONSIBLE for and are IN CHARGE of every single day of our lives.

Success Masters -- those who have achieved success because that's what they intended to do -- know and recognize these success streams. They know, like us, that life happens. What the Success Masters have mastered is knowing emphatically WHAT TO DO WITH life as it happens!

Most of us get lost in the little stuff. We spend eight to ten hours every day spinning our wheels around the little details, forgetting or never understanding the big picture. YOU are the center of your universe -- your life. Not to say that others in your life don't matter, but that YOUR life revolves around you... what you do, where you go, who you talk with. Good or bad, YOUR life is YOUR universe.

So, how are you running your universe? What are the laws that govern your universe? Are they creating success for you? Or are they keeping you from reaching your goals?

Some key questions to help you decide how effective your "universal laws" are might be: 

  • What does your checking account(s) look like?

  • How much money have you saved or invested?

  • Did you set and reach financial goals last year?

  • Are you satisfied with the way your body looks?

  • Is your business making you as much money as you want?

  • Do you know that you CAN DO any ONE THING in a span of eight months, or four months, or even 24 hours? You CAN!

Notice how, when there's an emergency -- a REAL emergency such as when a loved one is injured, you're fired from your job, your spouse leaves -- you drop everything and deal with that emergency and nothing else? All thoughts, all energy, all adrenaline goes into that particular emergency until it is handled, until it's complete and until you have done the very best you can do to solve that problem, to deal with that emergency.

Want to reach a particular goal? Treat it like you would an emergency.

When one thing you try doesn't work, try something else. When that doesn't work, try another tactic. When that one fails, look for other choices. Don't have any more choices? Find some!

Whatever you REALLY DESIRE, right this minute become obsessed with it. Do it over and over and over and over... DON'T give up! DON'T quit! DON'T throw in the towel!

Keep pushing, keep plugging away, and I PROMISE YOU... you'll make it. You can't lose!

Be prepared once you've changed your attitude and begun this process to achieve a different -- better result than you ever imaged you would!

You see, energy -- all that energy that you have been throwing into your passion -- develops a life of its own... YOUR GOAL LIVES when you give it energy. So, stand up, take a deep breath and go for it! YOU CAN'T FAIL...

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, heroes are made by believing." --Benjamin Disraeli

Claudia Chestelson is a professional success and motivational counselor, and the publisher of Daily Success Journal, a free daily ezine for those who want to create a successful online business by learning from, and emulating the masters who have already achieved financial freedom -- or who are well on their way to it. Contact Claudia and subscribe to Daily Success Journal at 

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