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We have included these links for your convenience, and to help you learn. If you have found Time to ESCAPE, this is the place that you will find plenty of places for you to ESCAPE to.

BOOSTERS   Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement

These stories are your Boosters for a positive mental attitude.  The results will be quite satisfying if you read one of these positive stories right before going to bed - every night!  This will allow your subconscious to focus on something positive while you sleep.  You will wake up inspired, motivated, and encouraged to follow your dreams.

Visualize Your Dreams in Cyberspace

A sampling of various graphics created by johnny2k over the years... Graphics in this section were created with:

  • digital video from my own camcorder archives.

  • scanned photographs, many of which were taken by Connie Sue K, and finished with johnny2k's special finishing touches.

  • computer graphic techniques I've learned over the years

  • digital camera - See the pictures I took on June 20, 2006 of the very strange clouds over Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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Did you know that ignorance on fire is more powerful than knowledge on ice?

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