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johnny2k's Digital Video Gallery

Video scan of a statue of little angel in our back yard, with a graphic enhancements to change to B&W and add green tint. Meet our black lab, Megabit (born 5-10-97) Close-up of our black lab, Megabit You & I in the Sky! Megabit as a puppy - Now, if that ain't cute!
Megabit at One year old - and still cute! Megabit at One year old - she's as good as she looks! Megabit at 5 weeks - just a baby... I mean puppy. Brit at about 12 weeks old Brit is 1/2 Black Lab, 1/2 Springer Spaniel.  Brit is still going strong at 8 yrs (trying to keep up with Megabit). 
Brit at about 4 years old in this picture. Do you see a rabbit, Brit? Or is it your friend, Shirley Squirrely?  Brit and Megabit growing up together (1997)  Brit and Megabit checking things out (Fall 1997)  We were born to be wild! - Videotaped Halloween 1998
johnny2k's Digital Video graphics are the results of johnny2k's "doodling" with computer graphics created with captured video frames from self-produced video recordings.  We consider these graphics ORIGINALS, and require permission from johnny2k Home Enterprises for their use.

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