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I want to believe

Since the early 1980's, I (johnny2k) had a deep desire to work from home, and actually made several attempts at it.  (See johnny2k's Previous Experience) I tried sales, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, even video editing.  However, I found that marketing through the traditional advertising media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) was financially impossible, with the traditional shoe-string budget of a self-employed-work-at-home-startup. And marketing through referrals worked great, but it was not a process that was able to get me to a positive cash flow position before starving to death.  I was forced to raise the white flag. Yes, I had to surrender, and return to the traditional work force. (At least I didn't put my hand out).

And I learned, and I gain valuable experiences...  But I knew I didn't fail.  Failure isn't getting knocked down.  The only way to fail is to get knocked down and not get back up.  Everyone gets a second chance, if they take it.

The day came again, when I had to consider the option of working at home.  This time, though, it appeared to be the only option I had.  My wife became ill, and I couldn't afford to have someone at home with her while I was at work outside my home, and I knew if I stayed home, I would have to do something to provide an income. A few dollars here and there wouldn't do it, either. A larger income was needed to be able to afford huge medical expenses.

Fortunately, I had time to develop my web design skills before it came to a point where I needed to spend a majority of my time at home with Connie. I had accumulated the web skills and other computer knowledge over the years that I would need to put all of this together. But there is something else I need 

Belief. After all that has happened to my wife and I, and my previous less-than-prosperous self-employment experiences, is was easy to have doubts. However, though doubts may cross my mind occasionally, I am aware that doubts only slow me down.  When the doubts come creeping in, I transfer my emotional energies to concentrating on what I am doing, and continuously building on my belief in what I am doing. And the motto I have on the wall is "Though my choices are few, I believe in what I do".

Faith. A very important ingredient in the process of believing that everything will work out, is the need for FAITH. In fact, without faith, belief is impossible.


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