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About johnny2k
Birth of the New Millennium

by john kubicek, johnny2k Is Home Editor

(Revised and updated on April 11, 2005)

The y2k Bug, the problem that was going to shut down all of the computers at the turn of the century, to the Year 2000, was a phenomena that brought about fear.

It was believed that your electricity would shut off, that your car wouldn't run, the economy would crash, or your computer would be telling you it was only 1900.

We now know that the fears were unfounded (in most cases). We can now go on to other thoughts about what the new millennium can mean for you. No more fear, though. Let's concentrate on what can be accomplished as we become a global community brought together by the World Wide Web. 

When I named my business, I was inspired by the Y2K craze, I guess.  The last three letters of johnny2k are "y2k".  It all seems to fit, doesn't it?

But of course, the two 'k's in my last name was the actual reason I ended up with the name, johnny2k.  Yeah, right....

What does the birth of the New Millennium mean for you?

There was one good thing about the turning to Year 2000. It provided a starting point for a new beginning. It was a time to hit the restart button, and re-initialize your system.  

Now, with the new year of 2001 being the REAL beginning of the 3rd Millennium, you have the chance to hit the restart button for your next Millennium, and there won't be another chance like this for 1000 years.  Develop your dreams, determine your goals, and dedicate yourself to a 100% commitment in the journey to your desired destination.

You may find out that it's time to "Step Out of the Box, and Tap Into the Network".  Working from home may still be described as a "risky scheme" by a handful of critics, but "Stepping Out of the Box", or leaving the job for a home-based business, is quite possible, and telecommuting home-workers are growing in numbers. If you "Tap into the Network", or find a use to connect to the internet or utilize a website, your opportunities will be greatly expanded.

If you have already signed on to the idea of the web, you'll find yourself seeking more knowledge on how to make it work for you.  Part of our mission on the web site will be to help provide you with portals to the information sources, along with our own feature articles and other information pages.  

You'll be seeing more and more resources on our site, and on the web. Having a guide to find your way through it all is important.  We will do our best to provide you with the resources, and reassurance. We will also be guiding you through the maze, and putting these resources to work for you. 

It is up to you to decide how to make use of the vast knowledge base that can be provided to you. But at least you can relax, knowing we won't let you get lost somewhere along johnny2k's "I-Way" to the New Millennium.  

What does the  birth of the New Millennium mean for you?  The birth of new opportunities, and the resources available to guide you down your path to success, and maybe even while working from home.

johnny2k Home Enterprises was officially established January 5, 2000 - the "Birth of the New Millennium" is here!  

Update, January 5, 2005:, the web site of johnny2k Home Enterprises, is now FIVE YEARS OLD!  It's johnny2k's 5th Happy Anniversary!  For more on this subject, be sure to see our feature article, "johnny2k, Dot-com Survivor" in our 

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