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Click on this GO image to go the About johnny2k Home Enterprises page About johnny2k HOME ENTERPRISES
Learn how johnny2k found out that wanting to believe grows into having the faith to believe. The About johnny2k pages describe how Our Mission (Possible) and Our Policies relate to the Birth of the New Millennium and New Opportunities.  Travel through johnny2k's Previous Experiences for an enlightening journey through valleys of despair and failure and enjoy soaring like an eagle towards the peaks of encouragement and success.

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Our Community - It's a Prime Location! Contact johnny2k
I always said that it's not what you call me, but how you call me that counts!  But now,  we have all of these other ways to communicate electronically, and the word "call" is no longer applicable. Now, you can send email and instant messages, or even have voice conferences on the internet.

So, if you need us for something, you don't have to "call" us anything.  Just browse through the ways to "contact" johnny2k Home Enterprises, and choose the option that suits your needs.

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Our Community - It's a Prime Location! Our Community - A Prime Location
There are many points of interest in Iowa and in the Cedar Rapids area. Click here to see what "Our Community - A Prime Location" has to offer.  This is a great place for you to take your kids! 

Our Community is brought to you by johnny2k Home Enterprises as a community service.

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Click here to find out.  We have linked with for your weather information.  You can see the weather in our city of Cedar Rapids or enter a US Zip code for weather in another area. 

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WebRings can be a great thing. WebRings are a group of independent web sites with a common goal or theme. WebRing sites have links back to the WebRing hub, and to other sites in the WebRing, so it can be a win-win solution.

See the WebRings we belong to >>


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Our main concern is helping home-based business owners, home workers and telecommuters, along with small businesses and organizations.  But even if you don't fit into those categories, our sponsors also provide products and convenience that anybody "tapped into the network" can benefit from!

Do you want to find good deals? Click here!

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