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Stop by johnny2k's eCommerce Center.  This is johnny2k's virtual mall, so that you can shop from the comfort of your home or office.

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Our "Virtual Office" Floor Plan

Click on the area of johnny2k's "virtual office" above to instantly transport to that area.


You are in the Main Lobby of johnny2k Home Enterprises.  It's like having a "virtual receptionist" at our "virtual information desk" as you enter our "virtual office", at

If you click on any of the areas of the "Virtual Office Floor Plan (diagram) above, you will access our "virtual hyper-transport system" to our four Centers. Clicking on the diagram beats the heck out of taking "virtual elevators". We felt that "virtual elevators" could be a safety code violation.

For our newer visitors, it's likely that you would like an idea of where you'll end up when you drop by one of our four Centers. Don't worry, you'll find our WEBSITE DIRECTORY close by. This directory will provide short descriptions of our four Centers, along with some of the departments within the Centers.

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Click on the links below to get information about our various virtual departments: 

Working from Home Resource Center

eCommerce Center

Time To ESCAPE Media Center

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   About johnny2k

johnny2k Forums  (Please note: This link will take you directly to the johnny2k Forums in a new browser window)

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Working From Home Resource Center
Warning: This area may not apply to you.  

If you love your commute to work in the morning, don't bother clicking to this page.

But, maybe you would like to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, but the lost income doesn't figure into your budget.  Could a work from home situation be for you?

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johnny2k's eCommerce Center
We believe that we have the a few great eCommerce sites available for your shopping from home experience.  

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Time to Escape

The johnny2k Media Center

The work day is over.  It's time to recover from the stress or just that excessive compulsion to work... 

But, instead of heading down to the watering hole of your choice, why not stay at the office (and/or home), and check on everything from my newest graphics or find out what is on some "far-out-there" (but family friendly) web sites. Hey, got your attention, didn't we? What are you waiting for? Go ahead, be brave, get away from it all and click here.

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Visitor Center
A Spot Light on Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Information about the local geography, climate, and about our local community. We want you to feel welcome in our town.

Our visitor registration area is another area where we hope we can help you.  Be sure to stop by to find out how.

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About johnny2k
Simply put, this page goes beyond being just a resume.

Our mission was determined by our philosophies.  You should stop by here to see how this web site resulted from the obstacles in my life. 

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