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Our Community - A Prime Location
johnny2k Home Enterprises is located in the the heart of America (The United States of America), in the State of Iowa, in the Midwest.  

We are extremely proud to be a part of the hard-working population of Iowa.  Iowa has a low crime rate, low unemployment, great schools and universities, and an agricultural economy that exports food all over the world.

Click here for Local News.

Location, Location, Location.  

An ages old entrepreneurial axiom that now means zilch, in the world of globally connected virtual businesses and individuals.

Okay, I'll admit, the axiom still holds true in regard to brick-and-mortar (physical) locations of business facilities. And yes, I have a physical location (no bricks and mortar included). 

My business opportunities are not limited to the locality of my home, due to the nature of my web-based business. However, in my case, this physical structure provides my safety, security, and comfort - it is my home. The physical locality provides me with many, many benefits.

johnny2k Home Enterprises is headquartered (located) in Cedar Rapids, known as the City of Five Seasons.  (By the way, I've learned that the "fifth season" is "a time to enjoy")

John was born and raised in Cedar Rapids.  Connie was born and raised in Maquoketa, Iowa, a growing community about an hour east of Cedar Rapids.

Iowa has many wonderful, communities. They vary in size from the small farm towns spattered all over the state, to the metropolitan cities that provide huge numbers of job opportunities in everything from heavy industrial to the information age-related  teleservices centers and software companies. There is Des Moines (Iowa's capitol), Cedar Rapids, Iowa City/Coralville, Davenport/Quad Cities, Waterloo, Dubuque, Burlington, Ankeny, Decorah, Council Bluffs ...  just to name a few (apologies to any I left out). 

Of course, none of these cities qualify in the Urban Centers of America category, and we don't have any Major League Baseball, NBA or NFL teams in Iowa. But, we also have less traffic congestion, less air pollution, and a lot less crime. Even in some of our bigger cities, there is still the feeling of safety and security, though I think most people now lock their doors!

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SBA Cedar Rapids

Click on the link above to go to the web site for the Cedar Rapids District of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  News, Calendars, Counseling & Training, and Opportunities are just a few of the many resources you will find on this web site.

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See the CafePress store, johnny2k Style

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Alumni.Net - Bringing School Friends Together

Cedar Rapids has great schools for our children, and when they go on to college, there are highly acclaimed universities, colleges and junior college/trade schools very near by. 

In Cedar Rapids, we have Coe College, Mt. Mercy College, and Kirkwood Community College.

Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, is not too far away, about 20 minutes from Cedar Rapids.

A 30 minute ride down I-380 South from Cedar Rapids will get you to the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

North on I-380, within an hour from here, will take you to University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. UNI, as it is called, just happens to be the the alma mater of the great Kurt Warner. Kurt was the quarterback of the St. Louis Rams, the guy that took them to the NFL's Super Bowl XXXIV, and won it all in 2000. Kurt is someone I greatly admire.)

To the west, following Interstate 80 to Des Moines, we have Grand View College and Drake University.

Just about two hours to the North, in Decorah, Iowa, there is my alma mater, Luther College.

Cedar Rapids is also home to the Eastern Iowa Airport, for those of you that prefer to fly with the eagles. The airport is complete with a recently renovated terminal and big jets that sometimes over-fly my house. (Not to worry, though, their landing gears are not down yet when they fly over.)

Five Seasons?   

The weather here is variable, and normally easy to tolerate. It still gets cold in the winter, hot in the summer. We get our share of snow, but it is usually gone by March, except for occasional late winter storms, when the snow melts off in a day or two. Summer is still my favorite season.

There are many parks in Cedar Rapids.  The city is located on the Cedar River where there is boating and water skiing, and there are several lakes nearby, complete with all the recreational facilities such as camping, fishing, sail boating, water skiing or laying on the "beach".

Here is another geographic-related fact. I've heard that Cedar Rapids now has the most area within incorporated city limits of any city in the United States! I believe we recently passed Jacksonville, Florida, to take the #1 spot, but I'll have to double-check this information.

I almost forgot to mention something else. Kurt Warner grew up in Cedar Rapids. He went to Regis High School, which is just a few blocks from where I live. Kurt is mentioned here, because he is very representative of the quality of people in Cedar Rapids. We are hard-working and well educated, and there's a good reason many large corporations have locations here. We're winners!

Cedar Rapids is not only a great place to visit, you might even want to live here!


Local News Media LINKS

Local (Cedar Rapids Area) LINKS

Where are we?
Proximity of Cedar Rapids by estimated driving time to major US cities (with me behind the wheel, based on personal experience), and with general direction in GREEN:

Des Moines - 2 hrs W

Chicago - 4-5 hrs E

Omaha - 4 hrs W

Minneapolis - 6 hrs N

Milwaukee - 6 hrs NE

St. Louis - 6 hrs S

Kansas City - 8 hrs SW

Indianapolis - 8 hrs E

Nashville - 10 hrs SE

Denver - 12 hrs W

New Orleans - 18 hrs S

Atlanta - 22 hrs SE

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