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Working From Home Resource Center

Are There Any Disadvantages?

On the previous page, "What Are Your Benefits?", we mentioned that without a reason to work from home, there wouldn't be motivation to "step out of the box" and obtain the benefits of working from home.

Challenges or Disadvantages?

On this page, we discuss the disadvantages. However, the actual disadvantages only occur if challenges are not overcome.

Challenges will always come along, no matter your pursuit.  Have you heard the people at work complain that they can't advance their career because of this or that? Are they disadvantaged, or are they unable to overcome an obstacle?

In compiling a list of disadvantages, which I'll let you do pretty much on your own, substitute "disadvantages" with "challenges I'm unwilling to overcome". But, wait, before you start that list, go back and decide what your benefits are, or should I say, your reasons. Then, decide what you won't do. Because really, your only disadvantage is what will happen to your effort level if your "Benefits/Reasons" list is not long enough, or if the benefits are not important enough.

To help you get started, let me give you some examples of disadvantages, or challenges.

  • Not enough capital to start a business or savings to pay bills before income is received

  • Don't have the discipline to put in a hard day's work if working from home

  • Lack of experience, have never been self-employed

  • Already making a great deal of money working (for someone else), can't afford to quit job

  • Already run a successful business (self-employed) outside of the home

  • Think all work from home opportunities are hype, and that teleworking jobs are all bogus

  • Afraid that upper-crust, arrogant, and self-anointed to run your life from cradle to grave royalty will lose the ability to control all those self-reliant risk-taking hard-working home workers or small business owners. 


Sudden Wealth Syndrome (Catch the Fever!)

Why Work At Home - What Are Your Benefits?

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