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Working From Home Resource Center


Have you considered the idea of working from home?

If you ask your auto mechanic about how to do a by-pass heart surgery, you would probably learn just enough to be dangerous. And if you ask your heart surgeon about the transmission in your car, you probably won't get very good advice on that subject, either. So, if you seek advice about working from home from somebody that has never done that, the information you receive won't be very reliable.

However, I know that most people will go to their family, friends, or their next-door neighbor for advice. Please do yourself a favor; talk to someone that IS working from home first. Oh, and by the way, the more successful they are, the more weight you should give to the information in your final decision!

Assuming that you follow the advice just given, let's start with this fact: I am working from home now, and have done so in the past.  I have a great amount of experience with working at home, and I have learned a great deal from both my failures and my successes. Even if I don't have enough knowledge to guarantee your success (does anybody?), I can at least share some important knowledge that may help you make an informed decision. is dedicated to assisting people who want to work from home, or that are already working from home. We realize that not everybody working from home has a computer. And we also know that people working from home that do have a home computer don't always have the knowledge to utilize the internet as a tool. With this in mind, please understand that this area, the  WORKING FROM HOME RESOURCE CENTER, isn't limited to just the people that are computer-techies! 

Whether you want to sell hand-crafts, run a catering business or you are interested in telecommuting, we feel that the information in this section will help you make an informed decision.

The best way to proceed through the WORKING FROM HOME RESOURCE CENTER, is to follow the navigational paths I have on the bottom of each page.  This path will step you through each heading sequentially, as shown in the WORKING FROM HOME RESOURCE CENTER Contents.  You will also be able to navigate back to the menu from each page in this section, so that once you have gone through all the pages, it will be easy to return to the pages later for further reference.  It won't hurt to refer back to this area from time to time, because there will always be new information on!

If you have any questions or comments regarding this area of, please be sure to visit the Register Here page in our Visitor Center, or send your comments via email to me!

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